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Albany Surf Clinics

These sessions are designed to arm surfers with the skills to build confidence in and out of the ocean safely, technically and physically, to make you a competent surfer.



Surf Groms Albany

Nudie SurfGroms is a world-first, cutting-edge, national junior sporting program for 5-12yr old’s that encourages kids to get involved in surfing all around Australia.



SUP Hire

Stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) are an offshoot of surfing. We will take boards to Surf Clinics for friends, family and spectators to hire while in session.




o you want to become a Surfer or learn the art of Surfing or simply just enjoy the surf more!? Come and try surfing in the Great Southern with Progressive Surf Coaching, so that you can achieve this, and much more!

Introduce your child to the ocean with SurfGroms Albany. It’s a surf program for 5-12yr old’s, where they’ll learn beach safety skills, ocean awareness, waterman skills, wave etiquette, and technique development.

For those wanting to become more competent surfers, our Surf Clinics are ideal! You’ll better understand how to analyse the waves and be more aware of the ocean, then couple it with technical and physical skills to expand the fun and confidence in the water.

Shape clinics are for budding young enthusiasts, who want to design surfboards, have their surfing style critiqued by Surfing WA coaches on and off the water.

These sessions are designed for surfers who want to understand surfing on a holistic level.

Progressive Surf Coaching will take SUP boards to Surf Clinics for friends, family and spectators to hire whilst we’re in session. SUP boards are unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.

To become a surfboard surfer all you have to do is call us, or book through this website with our online booking system. You’ll be able to search for available programs and their start dates across the site.

The waves for surfing are suited for all abilities and we cater for beginners to elite surfers.